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  • How soon can we meet?

    Today I accepted a local appointment this week with a small business owner tax client whose CPA resigned after he accepted a position as controller of a mid-sized firm (at a much higher salary than we earn in small business practice). That’s OK, I love working with small businesses. I’ve changed my approach lately in…

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  • A tax lien case in the headline news provides a teachable moment for the rest of us

    A lesson from a high-profile tax lien case: how a person with unrealistic expectations can hurt themself financially by not being realistic is assessing legal risks. The IRS put a tax lien on Rudy Giuliani’s house in Palm Beach, Florida three months before his headline-grabbing civil judgement yesterday. This is a good example of how…

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  • Embracing unique value proposition

    I rely on peer support from a number of sharp lawyers and accountants to design and run my practice. It is clear from their feedback that I’ve done a lot of things in an old-fashioned and backwards way compared to the prevailing conventional industry advice. Sometimes it feels discouraging. My practice does not embrace the…

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