Services and Costs are established on an individual case by case basis by agreement because every client’s financial situation and plans are different. This page is published as an example to help client develop reasonable expectations. This is not an offer or quoted price for any specific matter.

Average staff rate:

  • $140/hr

Common tax problem resolution services:

  • Initial strategy and planning call (unless waived by agreement) $50
  • Consultation with document and financial goal review (unless waived by agreement) $450
  • Transcript analysis $450
  • Past year’s tax filing in conjunction with other tax solutions $450
  • Penalty abatement $450-$1,200
  • Reasonable Collection Potential analysis with streamlined installment agreement $1,700
  • Regular documented installment agreement $3700
  • Offer in compromise $3700
  • Offer appeal $2500+
  • Innocent spouse $3700+
  • Innocent spouse appeal $3,700
  • Audit reconsideration $3,700+
  • IRS or state exam: $3,700 retainer
  • Penalty abatement $1700 retainer

Minimum engagement fee:

  • $2500

Payment options

  • Initial consultation fee for initial strategy and assessment may be waived by the referrer on request.
  • Cost of consultation with document review is reduced by $50 if the initial strategy service was already paid.
  • Cost of other service is reduced by $495 if the consultation with document review service was already paid.
  • Monthly payment may be arranged starting at $1,000/month.