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Today I started a 14 day project of posting a short daily story through a Live Feed to LinkedIn. Today was the first recording and it ran about three and a half minutes. The rest will all be at 9:30AM and will include the opportunity for viewers to pose live questions or just jeering remarks, or whatever.

It’s an easy and natural thing for me to do after decades of print, radio and TV. I did a live ‘call in’ radio show with financial planning and tax questions in the 1990s. Times have changed. The question is: ‘does it matter for business today?’ I am working with a few marketing advisers that, I hope, will help analyze the results of the project.

Thursday March 16 – You missed the business tax filing deadline! What next?
Friday March 17 – Understanding Tax Brackets: How Much Tax You Really Owe
Saturday March 18 – Tax Deductions: Maximizing Your Tax Savings
Sunday March 19 – Common Tax Filing Mistakes: How to Avoid Them
Monday March 20 – Tax Credits: Claiming Credits to Reduce Your Tax Liability
Tuesday March 21 – Self-Employment Taxes: What You Need to Know
Wednesday March 22 – Home Office Deductions: How to Claim Them Properly
Thursday March 23 – Taxes and Investments: Understanding the Tax Implications
Friday March 24 – Retirement Planning: Maximizing Your Tax Benefits
Saturday March 25 – Business Taxes: How to Stay Compliant
Sunday March 26 – Foreign Income and Taxes: Understanding the Rules and Regulations
Monday March 27 – Tax Audits: How to Prepare and Respond to Them
Tuesday March 28 – Estate Taxes: What You Need to Know
Wednesday March 29 – Tax Planning Strategies: How to Reduce Your Tax Bill

A notable point about this project is that the discussion topics were picked by AI. If the project winds up extending past the 14 days, these topics are suggested:
If it continues beyond 14 days:
Taxation of Cryptocurrencies: Understanding the Regulations
Tax Relief Options: How to Resolve Tax Problems
Tax Penalties: Understanding the Consequences
Tax Liens and Levies: How to Handle Them
Offer in Compromise: How to Settle Your Tax Debt
Tax Scams: How to Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Activities.

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