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Today I started a 14 day project of posting a short daily story through a Live Feed to LinkedIn. Today was the first recording and it ran about three and a half minutes. The rest will all be at 9:30AM and will include the opportunity for viewers to pose live questions or just jeering remarks , or whatever.

It’s an easy and natural thing for me to do after decades of print, radio and TV. I did a live ‘call in’ radio show with financial planning and tax questions in the 1990s. Times have changed. The question is: ‘does it matter for business today?’ I am working with a few marketing advisers that, I hope, will help analyze the results of the project.

Thursday March 16 – You missed the business tax filing deadline! What next?
Friday March 17 – Understanding Tax Brackets: How Much Tax You Really Owe
Saturday March 18 – Tax Deductions: Maximizing Your Tax Savings
Sunday March 19 – Common Tax Filing Mistakes: How to Avoid Them
Monday March 20 – Tax Credits: Claiming Credits to Reduce Your Tax Liability
Tuesday March 21 – Self-Employment Taxes: What You Need to Know
Wednesday March 22 – Home Office Deductions: How to Claim Them Properly
Thursday March 23 – Taxes and Investments: Understanding the Tax Implications
Friday March 24 – Retirement Planning: Maximizing Your Tax Benefits
Saturday March 25 – Business Taxes: How to Stay Compliant
Sunday March 26 – Foreign Income and Taxes: Understanding the Rules and Regulations
Monday March 27 – Tax Audits: How to Prepare and Respond to Them
Tuesday March 28 – Estate Taxes: What You Need to Know
Wednesday March 29 – Tax Planning Strategies: How to Reduce Your Tax Bill

A notable point about this project is that the discussion topics were picked by AI. If the project winds up extending past the 14 days, these topics are suggested:
If it continues beyond 14 days:
Taxation of Cryptocurrencies: Understanding the Regulations
Tax Relief Options: How to Resolve Tax Problems
Tax Penalties: Understanding the Consequences
Tax Liens and Levies: How to Handle Them
Offer in Compromise: How to Settle Your Tax Debt
Tax Scams: How to Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Activities.

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