Facing a tax levy? Don’t panic


The IRS is expected to dramatically increase collection and enforcement actions in the near future. Collections using new technology and aggressive techniques will likely continue to ramp up over the next few years. Thousands of taxpayers will receive notices of intent to levy.

If you receive an IRS collection notice indicating an intent to levy, try these logical steps:

  • don’t panic, most tax problems can be reasonably solved.
  • don’t delay, there are only 45 days allocated for normal response.
  • don’t call IRS or take any other action that could make the matter worse until you fully understand the situation, your options, and have an action plan.
  • take advantage of a free discussion or paid consult, depending on complexity, offered by me or another tax controversy expert.

I’m happy to hear about your situation and offer practical help at no cost or obligation. In some cases that’s all it takes to reach a solution. But if it is more complicated and you want professional help , we can discuss a review of the details and your options.

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