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In an article last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that 1 in 6 accountants left their career over the past two years. I suspect the rate is even higher for senior level CPAs serving smaller clients in tax and advisory functions. I notice that few CPA firms in our area are even taking smaller business and individual clients anymore.

Meanwhile, the need for these professional services is increasing. More than 18 million taxpayers have IRS debt that is holding them back from reaching their life potential. The number is expected to rise in post-pandemic years. The number of small businesses with critical state tax problems that could shut them down increases every month. Most do not even know the range of their options for tax problem resolution. Few have even begun to explore the solutions that will ensure their long term financial success.

I’ve had to make significant adjustments to my business practices to adapt to these pressures but I expect to remain in this role for another 15 years and then transition clients to a successor after that. To meet this goal, we will need to keep pace with the rapid rate of change ahead. What ‘used to be’ is no longer a factor in consideration of ‘what is possible’. Constant training in law, technology, and markets is critical; a function that dominates my schedule. The result: clients have access to the information they need to move forward successfully.

For 2023, I am excited to introduce new service options designed for easier and more affordable access. I expect to serve up to 50 new clients. To open access to these options, I offer two free exploratory conversations. These are conversations, not presentations. One discussion is intended to focus on the past issue(s) and a second conversation is offered to discuss what is possible for the future not related to the current problem. If a client decides to continue, costs and practices are clearly presented online and in private customized agreements. All of the programs includes the guaranteed option to contract for more support in the future.

If you know someone who is stuck without access to good financial advice, stressed by tax debt, or recently lost their accountant, I would love to have a conversation. It is time to rethink our financial future; move past current problems; and set a course for a more successful financial future.

Looking forward to sharing in a great 2023.

Tony Novak

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accounting, coaching, small business, tax

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