Ignoring taxes?

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Do you know someone who owes taxes but is ignoring it?

The problem is widespread and the number of people affected is sharply increasing. Even in our small rural county of New Jersey, over 10,000 people are now estimated to be held back by tax debt. Across the nation, the number of people affected climbs to millions.

You can help them with a direct conversation to keep these three simple and basic principles in mind:

1) Ignoring tax debt only makes it worse. This problem does not go away on its own. The toll on finances, health, and relationships only grows worse over time.

2) Any action to pay any payment amount under any method is better than just willfully ignoring the problem.

3) A tax professional will be available to help them with the more serious legal consequences later. But of course the dollars owed and the cost of help then will be much higher then. It is always better to address it now.

Our practice is designed to consider the whole person’s wellness and not just the tax problem. We are focused not only on solving the problem but making sure this problem does not happen again and ensuring that our client is on the fastest track to full financial recovery.

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coaching, solutions, tax

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